An energy company wants to build a pipeline above a natural aquifer in an area where earthquakes can happen.

Memphis’ most legendary natural wonder is not something you can easily see, even though it measures thousands of vertical feet. It runs as deep as the Appalachian Mountains on the other side of Tennessee are tall.

Formed millions of years ago when the land cooled from erupting volcanos, an underground…

Is something physically wrong? Is it the perception of pain? Is there even a difference?

I didn’t cry, but she did.

Our paths crossed on a single track in Central Oregon’s high desert at mile 13. Dust caked my leggings where blood seeped through from my falls. On a dry, spring day without a cloud in the sky, it became my own mud.

For about…

Forests burn. Carbon emits. Climate warms. Repeat.

Thalia Dockery was on a flight from San Jose to Las Vegas after visiting with family. She forgot her headphones and turned to gaze out the window when she sat up in her seat and started fumbling for her phone. …

Doesn’t it feel like every day we’re waking up to another startling article about our changing climate? Well, that’s because we are.

Devastating wildfires. New projections of rising sea levels. The U.S. officially peacing out of the Paris agreement. Student marches for climate action. It all happened in just two months — and that’s just scraping the surface.

Yes, climate change is happening now, but these headlines have been decades in the…

Ashli Blow

Ashli is a writer in Seattle, who talks with people about the environment — from urban watersheds to alpine peaks.➡️

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