An energy company wants to build a pipeline above a natural aquifer in an area where earthquakes can happen.

In Boxtown, two men sit on a horse-drawn carriage after collecting wood to warm their houses. The year was 1960, when power plant industries developed rapidly across the United States. It brought electricity to thousands, but Boxtown itself still did not have such reliable energy. After decades of pollution, now, Byhalia Pipeline LLC wants to develop infrastructure that would carry crude oil there. Credit: University of Memphis Libraries, Ken Ross

Is something physically wrong? Is it the perception of pain? Is there even a difference?

A runner on Peterson Ridge in Sisters, Oregon during a 20-mile race. Photo by author.

Forests burn. Carbon emits. Climate warms. Repeat.

Wildfire smoke hangs in the lower tree line of Mount St. Helens in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest. Photo taken by Ashli Blow.

In “Down To Earth” episode 1, The Bros travel along the tourist-laden Golden Circle to learn about renewable energy.

Doesn’t it feel like every day we’re waking up to another startling article about our changing climate? Well, that’s because we are.

Ashli Blow

Ashli is a writer in Seattle, who talks with people about the environment — from urban watersheds to alpine peaks.➡️

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