Zac Efron’s ‘Down To Earth’ is the ‘Cats’ of environmental docuseries

In “Down To Earth” episode 1, The Bros travel along the tourist-laden Golden Circle to learn about renewable energy.

Sidebar: Zac calls Darin a “Guru of healthy living and superfoods.” Ok. In this case, the word “Guru” is appropriating. You can just call him your bro, bro. Also, from reviews of Darin’s book “Superlife,” he seems to capitalize on the trendy market of so-called wellness, rather than educate on true health.

To be toasty and have toast: The geothermal spa

Hypothetical question: “Yo, Hilmarsson, obviously the sand and water is hot because it’s from a volcano. That’s sick. But, like, how does it stay boiling?”

*Curiously scratches mustache* A follow-up could be, “Dope. Some would consider this an innovative approach to green energy, but hasn’t your family been doing this for generations?”

Video from The Weather Channel X Great Big Story gives a much more holistic view of bread baking from natural heat generated by Iceland’s volcanic hot spring

“That’s mother nature bro.” Wait, what?

Marta: 45 megawatts per turbine.

Zac: 45 megawatts!!!

Me: Facepalm

1 MW = 1,000 kilowatts

Assuming the average home uses 1,000 KW.

Simple math — 45(MW) X 1,000(KW) — equates that to 45,000.

A much more comprehensive look into carbon capture tech that The Bros visited. The host of this video is also a tasty snack, if that’s something you need in your docuseries.

Zac: “It looks like Jurassic Park.”

Darien: “That’s mother earth, Bro”

Me: NO! That’s people’s IMPACT on mother earth, bro. This carbon capture program is amazing, but the reason we even need carbon capture tech is because of people putting too much carbon into the atmosphere.

Don’t fall into the falls, bros

At 12 minutes into the above video, the film shows a stunning fall… then pans to alllllll the people behind the camera.




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